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Caroline Orfila

Associate Professor in Nutrition and Director of Research

"I am interested in understanding the role of the cell wall polymers in determining the mechanical properties of foods. I am collaborating with academic colleagues in the area of food processing and protein biochemistry as well as industry partners, to develop this multidisciplinary area of research."
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Every student is required to register at the start of their studies and then re-register each year on the anniversary of their start date. It is strongly recommended that you complete registration at least three weeks before the anniversary of your start date.
Failure to register promptly will cause any scheduled stipend payments to be suspended.
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Products available on-line
Certain items are now available to order online, such as confirmation of registration certificates, Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) and award statements amongst others. 
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Other items, such as replacement degree certificates and transcripts can be purchased online:
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Appeals and complaints
You should use the University Complaints Procedure if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your supervision or facilities available for research. Firstly, you are encouraged to consult your supervisor or the Postgraduate Research Tutor and, after the outcome of that consultation, to make use of the University Complaints Procedure, where appropriate.

Important Notes on Email

The School of Food Science and Nutrition, as well as the University administration, frequently send information, reminders, and requests to students via e-mail. You are therefore required to check your University e-mail account frequently (preferably daily) and reply when requested.

Mobile Apps

The University has created two apps: UniLeeds and Blackboard Mobile™ Learn. They are both available to download.