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Charlotte Evans

Associate Professor in Nutritional Epidemiology

"My research interests are focused on the evaluation of interventions to improve nutritional behaviour, the evaluation of nutrition policies to improve nutritional behaviour, the behavioural nutrition in children and young people, and the factors affecting energy density, energy intake and obesity in children."
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Food Science

Postgraduate Researcher Resources

Handbooks and Guidelines


  • Arrival Checklist (not yet released)
  • University of Leeds Leavers Form
  • School/Faculty Leavers form (not yet released)
  • Questionnaire for Annual PGR/PGRT Meeting (not yet released)

Skills Training and Development

Policies to support Postgraduate Researchers


  • Showcase: University of Leeds PGR Conference

Products available online

  • Certain items are now available to order online, such as confirmation of registration certificates, Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) and award statements amongst others. Other items, such as replacement degree certificates and transcripts can be purchased online. More details

Progression and Report Submission

  • Report Submission
  • GRAD: Graduate Record of Achievement and Development
  • Research Degrees Central Resources
    • Including guidance for throughout your studies, assessment, and PGR-specific policies.
  • Examination Process Overview
    • Including guidelines on the examination process, examination entry and thesis submission forms, how to submit, final viva examination, and completion.
  • Registration
    Every student is required to register at the start of their studies and then re-register each year on the anniversary of their start date. It is strongly recommended that you complete registration at least three weeks before the anniversary of your start date.  Failure to register promptly will cause any scheduled stipend payments to be suspended. Register online ›  

    Ensure that all progression activities have been completed before attempting to register.  See Report Submission for details.

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